that one kid liking nihon in a sea of kpop lovers

this does not mean to offend anyone liking kpop, of course. they're solely my opinion/experience.

my environment has always been immersed in the korean entertainment industry, so if you tell your friend that you've become a kpop stan, no one would consider it weird or anything. but if you tell them you like japanese, then they would look at you like you've suddenly had two big horns on your head, and then as if trying to hide their startled reaction, they'll probably either shrug it off and then proceed to judge you mentally.

that has always been my problem, so i've learnt over the years not to tell people about what i like in general, so i've become the silent fan.

but then over the years i get jealous when my friends always have people to talk to about their favourite korean bias and to discuss on the latest korean dramas.

i can never do so for jdramas. so here is where i turn to :')

opening up wattpad brings back so many memories

recently i had to fill up some books to be read and i had to track way back; then i remembered my dusty wattpad account that i haven't used in years.

it did not feel that nostalgic due to the newer interface, (and i left before the coin systems and such is used) but it just feels so sad. it was such a long time ago. around 2012? damn.

but i did cringe reading some of my old inbox, haha.

but one thing i do regret is why i deleted the books i've read in my private list lol

i couldn't track the old ones i used to read, and now the other fanfics seems so foreign to me.

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i'm just in the process of reorganising my files and stumbled across the Miles Away performance, and they give me goosebumps everytime. I want to hear them live someday !! <3

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okay so this would be my first live notification since i'm a fan (lol) and it will be premiered on 20th june

but here's a thing

i'll be back to boarding school on the 13th that month (ಥ﹏ಥ)

ok i'm gonna go cry now

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i passed the topik test!

topik test is test of proficiency in korean, and i passed :D

i felt scared at first because koreans talk too fast for me and i'm just so slow :<

but thank God i passed <3

(the results were yesterday but i only had the time today haha)

now let's aim for japanese <3 !!

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premium music 2021

two days ago premium music 2021 was trending and i thought arashi was live :')

i guess this is my first semi-live ? :'D (let me have my moment, okay?)

and i bought this 20th anniversary frame + 10th anniversary photobook (because they're the only ones that fits my tight budget rip)

the frame came on the same day, and i'm so excited to unbox it :D

anyways, have been watching some CnA, and

— jun's efforts on dealing with the clients by digging through the trash? A+

— nino always don't know what to answer the mad clients... it made me understand where he built his resilience and becoming so witty later on :< hope everything gets better for nino-chan !!

— ohno's efforts on the fireworks? so cute !! and it's so sad when he almost cried !! :<

— sho's excellent achievement of 100% is so amazing, our keio boy !! he's my inspiration on graduating xD

— aiba, the one with efforts not recognised is so relatable in my life :'< poor aiba, hope it'll get better for you!

how i got into liking these chaotic ojisans (bonus with jfilms)

now this is a pretty long one, so...

when i was little, my mum had this file for learning japanese (but it was in romaji) and i remember using it because it seems very interesting.

i got some scans and it showed that i did write on them (badly).

here's a comparison of my mom's writing and chibi ai-chan ;

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how i got into japanese movies + dramas ;

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also at this time (2020 lockdown) i knew arashi only by the name, but was not interested to know who they are, with the prejudice of "i know they're famous, but why are they so popular??" lol

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i remember feeling so sad that they (dish//) don't have much eng subs content, and i feel desperate to watch more, anything could suffice right now.

and then i remembered that huge band arashi, they're famous right? they must have  more contents.

they were so funny on these variety show clips XD and after watching (sooooo) many of them, i tried listening to their music. my first one was truth, and it was the only one that i felt good (yes, the mcr loving ai-chan, picking the one with some emo looking MVs). i tried listening some others and they're not that bad, but at the time i still need to adapt to their dancing ^^'

and after getting to know them a lot more, here i am. now a trash. a sad one, because i only knew them when they've gone hiatus.

thoughts i can't share to irls

in case you don't know what irls mean;

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i've never found this website to be useful so here i'll be putting it to good use, taken from my tumblr page because i didn't know where to channel it to :'D

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so i’ve just discovered arashi and found my own bias, but like
tell me why, someone like me crushing on someone twice my age?
anyways, nino baby is my bias <3 !! (bias = ichiban)
aiba is a possible bias wrecker ? (bias wrecker = the second person after your ichiban)
(i’m still trying to figure out how tf do i use this page, so bear with me)
anyways, i ship myself with all of them. XD
that is all for now :)
( also i really need to study but we all know what happens next hahahah )

[ 170321 ]

i still can’t comprehend how i still prefer these ojisans to younger ikemens???? like wtf how

[ 190321 ]

i’d say handsome-ness is just a bonus, but i think what i love most about them is their friendship.

currently feeling like the way i feel about their songs is similar to that of mgk. we’ll see.

i have this thing where i get attached and detached too easily, idk why. but it always happen. happened to all of my past likings, actually. so i wonder what would happen this time.

intro !!

Hey there, I go by the name Ai-chan, my fangirling hole based in Malaysia and I don't fully know the ins and outs of this site yet, because I'm more used to tumblr, obsessing over the western entertainment, with everything being within reach and you don't have to go deep to find pretty much anything. But those times have passed for me and now here I am, journaling on my own, ranting more on what i love about these guys here, because everyone that i know are just kpop stans lol

I find myself to be loving Arashi, yet I am open to other bands. Nino brought me to them, but I found my ichiban to be sho~

I'm eyeing on kanjani8's content because of ryo hehe

open to see the idiots i love ;)

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I'm a living person with a pretty blank livejournal (as well as my bank) account because, for the record I wasn't planning to actually update anything here, I'm just a new fan of the jpop entertainment trying to discover the histories of the precious guys I love. And perhaps some jdrama reviews and me fangirling over ikemens ;) but sadly school is taking up most of my time and i have hardly any to browse and watch all of the content that i want *sobs*

And when I said new, I mean very new, because this loser decided to like them this year after they've decided to go on hiatus cri

I don't think anyone would care enough about this random kid on the net so I'll assume I'm on my own, unless if you'd like to be friends, then please be my guest <3 (is this site still active? i don't know where to look around lol)